Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Four months.

I'm actually on time this month! September 7th was Søren's four month birthday. Adam and I absolutely can't believe it's been that long. He's going to be a year old before we know it. A few nights ago, before we went to sleep, we looked back at some pictures and videos of newborn Søren. I don't even know what to say, except I can't believe he was ever so tiny! He's absolutely growing quickly, and changing so much. I took these pictures on and a few days before the 7th, so, this is Søren at seventeen weeks. 


It's been four months since you made your way into this world. You've changed so much, already! You have so much personality. Most of the time, you are happy! You smile all the time. It's the best. You're such a beautiful boy, and people say they can't help but smile when they look at you! It's true. You are a joy to be around. This month you've mastered reaching for and grabbing whatever you see that you want. You have rolled over, but don't seem to be that excited about it. Whenever people see you they comment on how big you are! I can say without a doubt being your parent is the biggest privilege we've ever had. Also, (ALSO!!!) last night mommy got you to laugh! Really, really laugh! For the first time! You've squealed and squawked and almost laughed for months. I was worried your daddy or I would miss it when you laughed the first time. We were both there, in your room getting you ready for bed, and mommy was pretending to eat your toes and feet, and you thought it was hilarious! It was the best. We love you, sweet boy. You are joy, happiness, love in one tiny package.


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