Monday, December 24, 2012

3 months...

I took these pictures on Søren's 3 month birthday. He's definitely developing his own little personality more every day. He always wants to be moving or on the go, as evidenced here: 

It's becoming more difficult to take pictures of this little guy! Almost all of the pictures were a blur of hands and feet flailing around. I think this kid is going to love it when he figures out how to crawl and walk. I wrapped his presents this year, is that weird? He really doesn't know what's happening yet. Haha. I felt like I had to! I just love Christmas so much. Next year I'm probably going to have to stop him from getting into the presents every five minutes, which  I sort of can't wait for! I'm soaking up this sweet baby time with him, though. And it's been so sweet to sing him Christmas carols at bedtime every night. Anyway, I thought I'd include a picture of his fiery little personality peaking out. I think he was over the whole picture taking thing.... 

He is part Irish, after all. 

Dear Søren bean, 

Three months? Already? How is this possible? Søren, you are growing so quickly. We can't believe how awesome you are. You're so silly and happy all of the time. You figured out how to roll over this month. Also, you figured out how to grab your feet. It's so cute. You love laying on your blanket on the floor and rolling around. I can't believe how big and strong you're growing. Our favorite is still morning naps and snuggles in our bed. You went to your first Christmas party with the family last night and you were so good, and had so much fun. Our family is pretty loud, and you were awake the whole time soaking everything in. You loved all of your gifts, especially the giant manatee from Aunt Trish (and uncle Jeremy, cousins Allie and Erin) and the book set from Uncle Sean (and Aunt Kendall, cousins Josiah, Steel and Hawk).  It's Christmas eve, and you get to have your first christmas tomorrow! I can't wait. 

Love,  Mommy

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