Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is my favorite.

Our Christmas morning this year was extra special. It was Søren's first Christmas, and he was way more into it than I expected! When we woke up Christmas morning, we realized Søren had slept through the whole night in his cradle. Way to go, little bean! I already had cream cheese cinnamon rolls from in the fridge ready to go, so I popped those in the oven and brought Søren into bed for some family snuggle time. When the rolls were ready, we put on some Christmas music and poured some coffee, and got ready to open some presents. We had Søren open his first, of course. Adam's parents gave him 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' with their voices recorded reading the whole thing, it's awesome. I might've teared up a little when we opened it. Shhh. He got a few other things, and loved it all. He would watch while his daddy brought each gift over and would grab the paper, which he would discard after tasting. Once his present was out he would reach for it and grab it. He loved his wooden toy truck his G-mama and G-daddy gave him, and the stuffed kitty cat made out of recycled products that daddy picked out for him. I think it's important to mention that he also got his first Star Wars toy. Adam got some fun things, like a new f-15e model airplane and some booze to make his favorite cocktail (an Aviation). And Adam bought me a pretty necklace from this shop on Etsy. It says 'Søren' in morse code. I love it so much! it's so pretty, delicate and I like that it's not an obvious 'mom' necklace (not that those are bad, it's just nice to have something sort of unique). He kind of ruled at the whole gift giving thing this year! Later we ate yummy food and just spent some family time with each other, followed by some Arrested Development. That show makes me literally laugh out loud every time I watch it. I love lazy holidays! Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of my kid being adorable. You're welcome.

I think he loves his kitty.

I can't believe it's almost 2013! I feel like this year flew by. I'm so excited for this coming year and all the new things coming our way. Søren has a whole world to explore! It's so much fun watching him learn and grow. We're so thankful that we get to be his parents, and we're treasuring every minute! We also have Warrior Dash coming up in February which I am NOT prepared for, but I'm going to attack it anyway. It's a super fun race and it's become a family tradition. Adam and I run it with my brother, his wife, my sister and her husband every year! Last year I sat it out since I was a few months pregnant and a little paranoid, but I was there to cheer them on! I'm excited to take a little step on the way to my goal of running Tough Mudder in November. I'll keep you posted on that. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas full of family and love!

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