Monday, December 17, 2012

Two months....

This is a bit delayed, but I wanted to do a little 2 month post. I was admitted into the hospital the day before his 2 month birthday, but I took these pictures the day before I got sick. (I'm better now, and at some point I'll write a post about that.) That being said, his 2 month appointment was actually scheduled for his 2 month birthday, but it was rescheduled for a few weeks later because of my hospital stay. So, this is what's happening at 2 months!

Length: 23 1/2 inches  (50th percentile)
Weight: 14lbs 8oz (90th percentile - what a chub a dub! hah!)
Head size: 16 1/2 inches

Søren, you always want to stand and it seems if you could you'd always be on the go! You're constantly moving, your feet are always kick, kick, kicking! You're mostly sleeping through the night, but sometimes you wake us up for a snack. ;) We don't mind. You sleep in your cradle in our bedroom, but we always bring you in our bed for snuggle time in the morning. It's our favorite, and we like to think it's yours, too. You are always happy in the mornings. We always get lots and lots of smiles! You are sooo close to laughing. I cannot wait to hear you laugh! We try all the time to get you to laugh, but you haven't quite figured it out (or maybe you just like making us look silly). You squeal a lot, and daddy especially thinks this is great. We can take you anywhere, and you are so good. You still eat lots and lots of times during the day! Good grief, you eat a lot. We like to call you our little piglet. If you finish a bottle and you're still hungry, you have an angry cry. You're starting to hold your own bottle and I suspect it's because you think you can get the milk in faster! You are such a good baby. Most of the time you are happy. You rarely cry, unless you are hungry or tired. Your Aunt Trish discovered that this video (the god of cake), makes you happy if you are crying. You oddly love it. Oh, and you fight sleep at bedtime! You don't want to miss any of the fun. In short, Søren, you are awesome. We couldn't be more happy or proud. You have changed us forever, and I'm so thankful! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, sweet boy. I know it's good.

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