Saturday, March 16, 2013

6 months.

This month has been my favorite so far, I think. It has brought about so many new things! Søren is much more independent. He's so much more aware and interactive. Also, there were a lot of firsts this month! We went on our first family road trip to Nashville. That's been one of my goals for this year (and in general): travel more! Have more adventures! Nashville was definitely an adventure. Driving 11 hours with a 5 1/2 month old is kinda crazy. But fun. He was really good for the most part! We just stopped a lot more to let him wiggle and stretch. And by the end of the day he was Over It. So was I. ;) It was so much fun visiting Adam's family. Søren was the star, and really? I totally get it. He's pretty special. Anyway he got to meet so much of his family up there and they all loved him to pieces. He learned how to wave while we were there, and mommy and daddy got to go on their first date since before he was born! It was great. See? So many firsts! We went to some if our favorite Nashville places - antique shops, coffee shops, cute boutiques. I miss Nashville sometimes, and all it's people. We met up with some old and new friends and I love them all so much! I also discovered fried pickles and stocked up on cookie butter from Trader Joe's. The night before and the morning that we left it snowed. So technically Søren saw his fist snow, which was lovely, but I was happy to be on our way back to sunnier skies and palm trees. By the time we finally got home that day Søren was stoked to be home.

Since then he's also had his first solid food: avocado! He's not too sure about it yet. He gets excited at first but then once he's had enough he pretends to choke and cry. It's all very dramatic, and I have no idea where he could have possibly gotten that from.....right. I am so loving this age, though, because he's a little bit mobile, but not to the point that I'm chasing him around. He's doing this thing my mom says is called 'creeping' (apparently this is a thing?) where he sort of scoots around or pushes himself forward on his knees. He hasn't quite got the arms and legs coordinated, though it's enough to get to a toy a few feet away. I also love that he's still little enough for me to scoop up whenever I want for some snuggles, but he's big enough to play on his own with some toys while I fold laundry, etc. Yes, this is a good age. He's looking more boyish and less babyish every day. I'm trying to be mindful of that and stay in the moment and soak in all the baby goodness. He's already fitting into some 12-18 month items I thought he wouldn't be anywhere close to wearing yet. We don't have his 6 month appointment for another couple of weeks. I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

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