Friday, March 8, 2013

Lion hearted boy.


Today, like every day, you fell asleep in my arms. You slept for a bit, woke up, ate some more and fell back to sleep. You woke up another time and smiled at me, still mostly asleep and put your cheek up against my cheek. You climbed around on me, buried your head in my chest, and fell back asleep. As I watched you sleeping, I caught a glimpse of the man that you'll be. Instead of the soft, pink baby shoulders will be broad manly shoulders. Instead of baby soft skin and rolls, there will be strong arms and muscle. Your smile that lights up my heart will only shine brighter. One day it will light up some special girl's heart in a whole new way. But more than that, I saw the sort of man you'll be. Kind, the way your father is, making people feel comfortable in their own skin and loving the unlovable. Fiercely protective. Thoughtful. Stubborn. Flawed. Loved. Positive. Headstrong. We named you Søren Robert Magnus. To us it means great bright warrior. You are and will be a bright light in this ever darkening world. A beacon of love. You emanate a sweetness and a pure joy. I feel so honored to be your mama, you are truly something special. And so, as the days move along and each day you grow more independent, a bit closer to 'little boy' and a bit further from 'little baby', I'll find solace in this small glimmer I saw today of the man you will become. Sleep sweet, little lion cub. Big adventures await.


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