Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zoo Day

Today was a good day. It was in the 50's, so we decided to take advantage of this nice (and rare!) cool day and head to the zoo. 

Coffee was necessary. 

This kid is the most fun. I love being able to spend time outside with him. He's so good when we go out, just soaking everything in. He's still too little to really know what's happening, but he does like to watch the monkeys swing around. Today he was way more interested in the waterfall in the tiger exhibit than the actual tigers. But, you know, pretty soon he'll be running all over the place telling me random facts about okapi or something. Bottom line, he totally rules and I'm the luckiest mom ever. :) 

The happiest!

Side note: after this we got pulled over because we were 'blocking an intersection at a red light'. The police officer let us go with a warning which was awesome! I think Søren was so cute he didn't want to give us the ticket. :) So thanks to that k-9 officer in downtown Tampa. 


  1. gosh he is SO CUTE. and very well dressed :) I'm excited to dress a boy!!

    1. I am having SO much fun dressing him! I never imagined dressing a boy could be so much fun.