Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yoga Baby.

Today, Søren's cousin Erin came over to spend some time with him. It's his 6 month birthday today. What! I have a kid that's half a year old!!! How did that happen? Anyway, Erin came over and got here before Søren woke up. He decided to sleep in until 9:30 this morning (which I'm totally not complaining about). So, when he woke up Erin and I went in to get him. He was all smiles, and then saw Erin and was a little confused. Then the smiles came back and he was ready to have some fun. We changed him and put him on a blanket on the floor to play and it was go time. He's so entertaining. And he's lucky to have so many cousins and so much family who loves him so much! 

Let me tell you, that little charmer is going to be crawling before I can turn around. The baby yoga going on was awesome. His downward dog (puppy?) is on point. I'm totally not rushing him. Can we freeze time right here? He's still a baby, he sleeps pretty well through the night, the diapers are really not bad, I can dress him however I dang well please, he lets me snuggle him whenever I want, he's not mobile yet…..I mean. C'mon. I know I will love each age, but this age just seems so good. I'm trying not to miss it, to savor those naps he takes in my arms, and the moments when he wakes us up at night. All of it, because before long he will be grown and I will miss this sweet and special time. 

Show off. 

Cousin love. 

Daddy kisses.

Batten down the hatches everybody. Søren's about to be on the move. 

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